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Canada In-Store

In-Store Direct API, for Canadian Merchants


The integrated POS checkout API enables merchants to send a Sezzle Checkout link to a customer via text or email and then receive payment updates on their POS when the checkout has been completed.

The customer can click on the Sezzle URL in the text or email to complete the checkout:

Customer experience for new Sezzle users

Customer experience for existing Sezzle users

Direct API

Checkout Steps

  1. Merchant Merchant creates a session
  • Set order intent to AUTH
  • The customer checkout is texted or emailed as set in send_checkout_url
  1. Sezzle returns order uuid and checkout URL
  2. Customer receives Sezzle URL via text or email to check out
  3. Customer completes the Sezzle checkout
  4. Merchant receives order-complete notification
  1. (optional) Update the order reference
  2. Capture the payment
  3. (optional) Expire the checkout manually
  • Delete the checkout if the customer has not completed the checkout and the merchant has canceled the order
  1. (optional) Refund the order