This guide describes how to integrate Sezzle into your Lightspeed website so that you can provide Sezzle as a payment option for your customers.

Sezzle's Lightspeed App is certified and available here in the App Store.

After integrating Sezzle, your Lightspeed site will:

  • Offer Sezzle as a payment option on the checkout page.
  • Refund Sezzle payments from your Lightspeed backend.
  • Display Sezzle promotional messaging.
  • Authorize and capture payments.

Integration Steps Overview

  1. Install and configure the Sezzle Lightspeed App
  2. Test your integration
  3. (Optional) Sandbox Testing

Before You Begin

  1. You should have a Sezzle merchant account.
  • Please visit our signup page if you don't have an account.
  1. Make sure you have the following Sezzle details handy.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the transaction flow when buying with Sezzle.

Install the Sezzle Lightspeed App

  • Log in to your Lightspeed back office.
  • Navigate to Apps > App Store.
  • Search for Sezzle in the search bar and click on the Sezzle app.
  • Click on Install App in the top right corner.
  • Grant permission by clicking on Grant access.
  • On successful install, you will be redirected to Sezzle App.

Configure Sezzle

Navigate to the Sezzle App by clicking on Go to App located at Apps > Purchased Apps > Sezzle.


Account Verification

  • Copy your Public Key and Private Key from your Sezzle Merchant Dashboard, and paste them into the corresponding fields.
  • Click on link sezzle account to link your Sezzle account with your Lightspeed store.
  • The message Account successfully linked is displayed when the account is verified.


  • Toggle the Sezzle at Checkout checkbox to enable (On) or disable (Off) Sezzle as a payment option in the checkout page.
  • Toggle the Sezzle Widgets checkbox to enable (On) or disable (Off) Sezzle widget in the PDP and Cart pages.

Payment Refund

  • In your Lightspeed back office, go to Orders > Orders.
  • Select the order to be refunded.
  • Click Add Credit Invoice.
  • Select the item and enter the quantity.
  • Ensure that Status is set to Not Paid.
  • Click Add.
  • Cancelling a Paid order will also refund the payments for the Paid Invoices.
  • On successful refund:
  • An invoice with the status of Not Paid will be created in the Orders > Invoices section.
  • The Order Status will be displayed as Refunded in your Sezzle Merchant Dashboard.

Lightspeed Sandbox Testing

  1. A Lightspeed test store must be used for Sandbox testing.
  2. On your website, add an item to the cart, then proceed to Checkout and select Sezzle as the payment method.
  3. Click Buy to be redirected to the Sezzle checkout page. If prompted, sign in.
  1. . Enter the payment details using test data then click Complete Order.
  2. After the payment is completed on Sezzle, you should be redirected back to your website and see a successful payment page.
  3. Sandbox testing is complete. You can log in to your Sezzle Merchant Sandbox Dashboard to see the test order you just placed.

Lightspeed Live Checkout

  1. Installing the Sezzle App in a live Lightspeed store will result in live checkouts.
  2. On your website, add an item to your cart, then proceed to Checkout and select Sezzle as the payment method.
  3. Click Buy.
  1. If you are redirected to the Sezzle checkout page, your integration is complete. Congratulations!
  1. Warning Don't complete the payment. Your checkout is now live, so you will be charged if you complete it.