Merchant Guide v2

Merchant Guide Introduction


This Sezzle technical documentation is designed for merchants integrating with Sezzle as a payment option. The documentation is divided into two parts:

  • Guides to how to integrate your store with Sezzle by using the Sezzle API, including targeted guides for popular plugins like Shopify.

  • A more detailed API reference section based on the OpenAPI specification, where you can see parameters, requirements, expected responses, and code samples showing how to use the API in various languages like Python, Java, and others, as well as a "Try it out" feature where you can make live API calls as a test.

You are viewing the latest version of the Sezzle API. Check previous documentation for Version 1

The Sezzle API v2 is intended for merchants interested in accepting Sezzle as a payment option while using the latest features offered by v2.

Sezzle supports individually-authorized transactions for a single purchase of goods or services, and v2 also supports tokenization of a customer for future transactions.

In addition to a direct API integration, Sezzle also offers integrations with some of the most popular eCommerce platforms.

Field or header names in bold followed by an asterisk indicates that these are required. For example, this_is_required* is a required field whereas this_is_optional is not.

If you have any questions regarding our API, please reach out to our team here: Submit Merchant Help Request

You need an approved Sezzle account to start the integration process. Please visit our signup page if you don't have a Sezzle account already.